Self-Care When Feeling Out of Control, Emotionally Dysregulated, or Triggered

Critical self-care and personal safety in the time of societal triggers: get outside, touch the ocean, call a friend, cry, play music, join in a support group, whiff essential oils, ground yourself with anchoring techniques, do a headstand or deep knee bends, turn off news, pet your dog, write the feelings, make a complicated soup, don’t make big decisions, wash your car, apply an ice-pack to your neck or a heating pad to your tummy, verbally set clear physical boundaries with partners for today, keep it simple, call me.

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The Brilliant, Playful, Bloodthirsty Raven - The Tower of London's Ravenmaster


Free and Open to the Public, Meditation and Mindfulness Event

Mindfulness and Guided Relaxation
Join Me in a Drop-In Meditation Hour
This is offered as open-office hours on the following dates and times.
Monday, October 1st 10:30am
Monday, October 8th, Noon
Thursday, October 11th, 10:00am
Friday, October 26th, 9:00am
Offered at no cost. All levels of experience welcome.
2777 Jefferson #201, Carlsbad, CA 760.522.5659

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Christina Neumeyer, LMFT