Are you a boy or a girl? Or something else?

The AMA, APA, AAMFT, ACA and our once reliable agencies that traditionally represented evidence-based research and science, have lost sight of what’s happening on a mass scale.

Pharma has thrown their hat in the ring as well. 
Puberty blockers for children as young as 11 with the Dora the Explorer type advertising are on kids YouTube channels.

My formal childhood development training tells me that gender and confusion is normal in the early years. I spoke with an elementary school librarian last week. She said this has always been the case: 
The awkwardness, Who Am I, How can I fit in and be liked?

Social transitioning is a medical slide... it’s almost impossible to slow as social media celebrates their "journey." A young male (to female) on TikTok is chronicling his transition weekly. His audience is now at 5 million.
  • Puberty blockers are not reversible.
  • LGB, a lesbian gay bi alliance is loudly peeling away from the T ideology.
  • Nurses are speaking up. I personally know a nurse at Rady. She is horrified at what she sees but unable to risk losing her job.
  • Hospital training videos and documents are leaking out (Boston Children's, Vanderbilt) revealing the true age of minors "consenting" to breast removal. After this week's media scrutiny, several gender clinics have removed pages on their site.
  • A lifetime of hormone therapy during crucial reproductive years will cause cancer.
  • These kids become lifelong patients. 
  • They will fight infections their entire life.
  • 75% of teens referred to Gender Clinics are girls.
  • They will never experience an orgasm. 

GSA's (Gay Straight Alliance), clubs, once a fantastic haven for gay kiddos on high school campuses, are now commercially sponsored, in place at elementary schools (4th/5th graders) with perceived pressure by gay kids to begin their identity/gender change (pronouns, secrecy from parents.)

I can’t believe parents go along with these transitions.” They don’t!!! They can't stop it.

My son is 9 and has some school anxiety. Counseling has always been helpful for me but to be honest, I have serious fear about taking my son to a therapist. My son’s favorite color is pink. He is a gentle, sweet boy. He hates sports and loves to read, color and quietly daydream. Will a young therapist tell him that he is really a girl?” Who would you take him to?


Dog Days of Summer

David Hockney

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My professional role working with young adults for many years will speak here - but please understand that I also have great compassion wearing my mom-hat. I have two sons. One loves the remote learning and would frankly prefer it. My other was crushed by it early on.

School and college failure is a large part of my clinical/therapeutic practice as a licensed therapist. There are many reasons that our terrific kiddos do not thrive in their college/uni years: yes, even those who do exceptionally well in high school (academics/sports, extracurriculars). In fact, those super achievers sometimes have a harder time. Some common reasons...1) College is really, really hard. Graduating is not at all about IQ or potential 2) Party atmosphere 3) bad choices 3) Depression/anxiety 4) Unmotivated. That's absolutely not a parent's job to fix. The consequences for not completing school have to be clearly outlined as early as possible. 5) The unknowns. Some times we have NO IDEA what is really going on with our children. Finally, 6) College isn't the right path for many of us. Our goals are not always their goals. That has to be ok! Life is bigger than that degree. 


The Lost Art of Bi-Phasic Sleep


Emotional Holiday Fitness aka Self Care

  1. Memorize a short poem.
  2. Maker muffins for the local fire dept.
  3. Clean out a closet and donate.
  4. Choose five books to read in 2022.
  5. If travelling, choose close-by support meetings in advance. 
  6. Go to the zoo.
  7. Write a song.
  8. Create new traditions
  9. Don’t feel compelled to bring food or presents to gatherings. 
  10. Create 10 minute escapes if we know we will be in a tense environ i.e., a phone call with a grounding friend at a designated time. 
  11. Try to hit your 10,000 steps. 
  12. Remove social media that makes you feel bad about yourself. 
  13. Don’t feel restricted to dietary limitations. 
  14. Take your own car if you feel you might want to arrive later or leave earlier for your own well-being. 
  15. Anticipate that significant dates naturally invite us to feel sadness or grief (Embrace the Suck).
  16. Write letters to people you love and tell them how important they are to us. The greatest gift of all.
  17. Write a letter to a deceased loved-one. 
  18. Start your holiday with early morning sunshine, proven to reset our sleep habits and create a better sense of well-being throughout the day.



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