Divorce Mediation Versus. Litigation: Mediation is an affordable alternative to court for resolving all family law issues, before, during, and after the divorce or legal separation. Both parties meet with a trained, impartial family law mediator, to resolve issues in a confidential setting. The mediators are family law attorneys who help you reach your own agreements on issues of custody, child and spousal support (alimony), and/or division of assets and debts. The mediator provides substantive information about divorce laws and court procedures so you can make reasonable decisions for yourselves. An agreement is finalized when you are both satisfied with all of the terms.

Mediation is a process for handling issues in which the parties involved voluntarily meet with a trained, impartial mediator, to resolve these issues. Mediation sessions are informal but structured discussions guided by the mediator, to help clarify the issues and move the parties toward their own agreements. The topics that will be addressed include: division of property (assets and debts), support (child and/or spousal) and/or issues about children.

Don't Alienate The Kids! Raising Resilient Children While Avoiding High Conflict Divorce
$19.95  In this new book, Don't Alienate the Kids!, Bill Eddy presents a new theory of child alienation in divorce. In his theory, there are no bad parents – just bad behaviors, many of them inadvertently by many people including family, friends, professionals and the family court adversarial process. All of these bad behaviors combine into "1000's of Little Bricks" that build a wall between a child and one or his or her parents. The goal of the book is to explain all of the little behaviors (little bricks) that parents and professionals should avoid, and all of the little behaviors (little bricks) that they should use to build this Foundation.

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Happy Father's Day to all the great papa's in our lives!



Birthdays Without Pressure, Duct Tape, and Plugged in Parents

"If you think children’s birthday parties are getting out of control, you’ve come to the right place." Stop the madness.

Give Dad a Duct Tape Wallet - I've made one. It's really cool - and really gray!

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Love, American Style

Americans are sexy too! The U.S. ranked second in a recent poll, second only yo Austria in sexual satisfaction. Japan and Taiwan placed last. Researchers concluded that gender-equality leads to more partner pleasure. Long-term couples do, in fact, report their carnal desires to their partner.

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