Summer Internships with IRC in San Diego

Summer Internships * International Rescue Committee

The IRC in San Diego is now accepting applications for summer internships and volunteer positions.
If you would like to volunteer with the IRC summer programs:
  • Review the positions listed below carefully.  Positions may fill up so please apply early if possible. 
  • E-mail IRC Volunteer Coordinator Alexy.Andrade@Rescue.org and let him know the position(s) you are interested in
  • Attach a cover letter and resume.
You will be contacted shortly to schedule an interview. If you are currently living outside of San Diego, you will be scheduled for a phone interview.
All volunteers are required to attend an hour-long volunteer orientation and pass a background check before volunteering with any IRC program.  Instructions about completing both requirements will be given after your interview.    All volunteers must be 18+ years of age.
Summer Positions
ESL Conversation Group Leader, Resettlement
Minimum 2 Month Commitment: July – August (ongoing)     
Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 1:00-3:30pm (in El Cajon office)       
3-5 hours/week
Group Leaders will lead a group of 10-20 students in conversation based on a specific topic and go on outings in the community to practice students’ speaking and vocabulary acquisition. The conversation groups are an integral part of the IRC Vocational ESL (VESL) program in El Cajon. The program seeks to provide newly arrived refugees with the English skills needed to obtain employment. The conversation groups with allow clients to practice their conversational English and will specifically focus on vocabulary and topics related to employment.  Volunteer responsibilities include facilitating conversation among students, helping participants achieve greater fluency and confidence through conversation, and providing feedback.
Vocational ESL Classroom Assistants, Resettlement (Internship or Volunteer opportunity)
Minimum 2 Month Commitment: July – August (ongoing)                      
Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm (in El Cajon office)          
6-15 hours/week
The IRC’s Vocational ESL Program operates at our El Cajon office to serve recently arrived Iraqis.  The program seeks to provide Iraqi refugees with the English skills needed to obtain employment. Vocational ESL Classroom Assistants are needed to support English language instruction, provide one-on-one tutoring with students, follow the instructor’s lesson plan and activity directions, and help build student confidence.  We are looking for assistants eager to help people learn English as a second language and able to commit to volunteering/interning throughout the VESL course. 
Employment Department Intern, Center for Financial Opportunity                                                                           
Minimum 4 Month Commitment  (Start dates flexible)

Tuesday and/or Friday 12:30pm – 5:00pm (El Cajon office – Arabic speakers preferred)
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (San Diego office)
10-15 hours/ week
Employment Department Interns are needed to assist with general job searches, research employers, and find new job leads in the Job Training and Application Lab (JTAL). Interns will help create resumes and cover letters for newly arrived refugees, assist with filling out job applications, accompany clients on educational bus rides, and take clients out to job searches as needed. Responsibilities may also include participation in administrative/research projects as needed. We are seeking applicants with good people and computer skills. Applicant must be comfortable working with individuals of varying cultural backgrounds and English language ability. Experience with Microsoft Office programs and internet searches are highly recommended.
Microenterprise Program Intern, Center for Financial Opportunity
Minimum 3 months commitment                -                   Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm                       -                        8 hours/ week
The Microenterprise Program Intern’s responsibilities include the creation of “starter-packs” for refugees interested in starting a new business, helping to prepare for new loan applications, coordinating training sessions, providing technical assistance, and providing industry and market research. A four-year degree in Business administration or a B.A. with some business background desired, but business experience in lieu of business education accepted.  Functional knowledge of micro-credit, banking, and/or lending is desirable.  Experience with grant writing, entrepreneurial and/or international experience is a plus.
Bicycle Program Intern, Center for Financial Opportunity
3 months (May – August)      Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm        10 hours/week
The Bicycle Program Intern will be responsible for overseeing the bicycle program, including holding bicycle safety trainings, outreaching to individuals familiar with bicycle mechanics, holding a bike drive, distributing bicycles to clients, tracking client’s training attendance, and create an inventory of all bicycles. Additionally, a bicycle program intern will participate in educational bus rides to assist clients navigate San Diego’s public transit system. Applicants should be an avid bicyclist, have experience in bicycle mechanics, and feel comfortable working with individuals of varying cultural backgrounds and English language ability.  Individuals with strong attention to detail, organizational skills, communication skills, and some flexibility in their schedules would be good candidates.
Adult ESL Instructor, First Things First
Minimum 3 month commitment (June- August)    Monday – Friday, 8am – 11:30pm    15 hours (+ prep time)/ week
The IRC Adult ESL instructor is tasked with leading English as a Second Language classes to refugee adults. Instructors will assist students in gaining English proficiency, life skills, and employment skills. Primary responsibilities in this position include being present for all classroom sessions between June 7th and August 31st, assisting with curriculum development, assessing students’ progress, overseeing and involving volunteers that work with the ESL classrooms, and participating  in occasional meetings with the program staff.  Applicant MUST be TESOL/TEFOL certified and should have experience teaching Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students. Considerable experience utilizing student-centered, thematic-based teaching strategies are a plus.  Strong organizational, motivational and communication skill are imperative.
Adult ESL Instructor’s Aide, First Things First
Minimum 3 month commitment (June- August)     Monday – Friday, 8am – 11:30pm     2 shifts/ week minimum
The IRC Adult ESL instructor’s Aide will assist the ESL instructor in teaching ESL classes and helping refugees adapt to life in the United States. Primary responsibilities include supporting English language instruction, one-on-one tutoring with students, following the instructor’s lesson plan and activity directions, actively participating in classroom activities, and modeling correct English usage in students.  TESOL/TEFOL certification is a plus. Applicants must show patience and enthusiasm in helping people learn English as a second language, work well with students of diverse background, and be reliable aides throughout the entire course of this summer program. 
K-5 Summer Volunteer, First Things First
Minimum 3 month commitment (June- August)     Monday – Friday, 8am – 11:30am       2 shifts per week
This volunteer position is tasked with creating a supportive environment for children that are enrolled in academic grade levels K – 5, increasing students’ academic and social confidence, and improving students’ English proficiency. Responsibilities include working with school-aged students to improve their English language skills, assisting program coordinators with curriculum instruction via games and activities, helping to monitor students during breaks and activities, and reporting student progress to supervisors. Negative TB test is required
K-5 Summer Counselor, First Things First
Minimum 3 month commitment (June- August)          Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm    10+ hours/ week
First Things First K-5 Summer Counselor will fulfill all the duties of the K-5 Summer Volunteer (above), but are asked to make a minimum 10 hour commitment per week.  Additionally, in August, counselors will teach a week-long workshop of their choice, and create necessary curriculum (lesson plans, activities, worksheets, etc.). Applicant should have interest working with refugee children, have previous experience working with student of a similar age, and have the ability to work well with people from different backgrounds.  Previous work with ESL students is a plus. Negative TB test is required.
Early Childhood Education (ECE) Teacher’s Assistant, First Things First 
3 Month Commitment (June – August)    Monday-Friday 8:00-11:30am          2 shifts per week
Volunteers will assist the Early Childhood Education staff to work with refugee children, ages 0-3 years old. Responsibilities include actively participating in classroom activities and modeling correct English usage. Punctuality, reliability, and experience working with infants and toddlers is a plus. Cultural sensitivity is a must. Negative TB test is required.
Preschool Teacher’s Assistant, First Things First
3 Month Commitment (June – August)          Monday-Friday 8:00-11:30am     2 shifts per week
Volunteers will assist the Preschool staff in teaching refugee infants and toddlers, ages 3-5 years old. Responsibilities include actively participating in classroom activities, helping create supplemental teaching materials, and modeling correct English usage. Volunteers should have experience working with toddlers (and enjoy it!), and be reliable and punctual. Cultural sensitivity is a must. Negative TB test is required.
Project EARN Volunteer 
3 Month Commitment  (June – August)    Monday – Thursday, 10:30am -12pm      2 shifts per week
Project EARN (Educate & Achieve Results Now) teaches job skills to students in a simulated classroom-retail environment.  The Project EARN Store is located in the ESL classroom, where students use their classroom “dollars” by performing classroom jobs and working in the store to purchase items.  Responsibilities include developing and implementing job skills training for adult students, managing the store during store hours (organize student workers; sort, stock, and price the store merchandise), and assisting with program sustainability efforts (secure donated items for the store; identify new partnerships to support project activities).  Applicants should have a desire to work with a diverse group of students.  Retail or management/training experience is a plus.
Students Plus Summer Intern, Youth Programs
June 25th -August 10th      Monday – Friday 10:00am-2:30pm        2-5 days per week
The Students Plus program works with refugee teens at Crawford High School during the academic year and through a summer program. We are seeking enthusiastic interns who can attend the program at least twice a week and enjoy working with teens.  Activities each day include English and Math classes as well as life skill workshops. Additionally, volunteers are needed to help with extracurricular activities, including a soccer, tennis and garden club. Each Monday, there is a field trip to different beaches in San Diego County. Interns must be available the week of June 18th for orientation.
IRC Educator, Youth Ambassador Program
3 Month Commitment         June-August            15-20 hours per week    
IRC Educators are tasked with helping to design a 6-week program, called the Youth Ambassador Program, which seeks to educate High School aged participants about issues facing refugees world-wide.  Educators will be involved in every step of the planning process, including development of program curriculum, coordinating program logistics, interacting with students, and giving presentations.  Individuals with a background in the following fields or related subject area are highly desired: international affairs, political science, history, peace and justice, gender studies. Experience teaching High School aged students is a plus.