Anxiety as a Silent Killer

Anxiety is the most mysterious of mental and emotional conditions.
Most people who suffer from anxiety are high-functioning, super bright folks (children and adults, both).

Looking at any of our current entrepeneurs, successful business leaders -Steve Jobs, Bill Gates- you will see anxiety. Anxiety is a wonderful thing. It keeps us sharp and focused...an emotion that alerts our bodies to "get ready and perform."
Without anxiety, nothing effective or interesting would happen! We'd be a bunch of resting, overly happy slugs. :)

Anxiety rears its ugly head when the waves get too big...something unusual that the brain perceives as "too much" - sort of an alarm that the system is tilting, overloaded.

How to treat anxiety: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be the most effective intervention for treatment. Moderate exercise lowers anxiety. Meditation and Mindfulness lowers anxiety. Furthering personal knowledge and understanding of the fight or flight response. The development of self-soothing and anchoring techniques.
Medication may be helpful, even necessary (please see a Psychiatrist for medication education).

Children and Adults: Anxious symptoms may look like this: picking skin, pulling hair (one's own eyebrows, eyelashes), coughing, throat-clearing, counting, ritual patterns, panic attacks, racing heart, waking with heart palpitations, stomach or intestinal distress, loss of appetite, or compulsive masturbation.

The good news? Anxiety responds very well to treatment with an expert clinician!