Hair and Skin Pulling & Picking: Trichotillimania

with Joan Kaylor, MSEd, NCC, LPC, DCEP

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
11:00am PT / 12:00pm MT
 1:00pm CT  / 2:00pm ET
Anyone who has ever been touched by pulling or picking has experienced the pain and devastation of not being able to stop, or of not being able to help a child, spouse, partner or loved one suffering with these problems.  The frustration of hands that are out of control is just as horrendous as any chemical addiction, perhaps worse because we don't have to buy our substance of choice. We have it with us at all times. 

Joan Kaylor, who herself is pull-free after living with trichotillomania for many years, will share strategies for maintaining motivation through recovery, how to stop judging yourself, setting attainable goals, and how to continue using strategies even when you think they aren't working (or aren't working fast enough). This webinar is correctly named "Take Back Your Power from BFRBs" because you can take back your power.