Maybe gun violence on tv will go the way of cigarettes

     Watching a Friday night Lakers game on TNT with my kids last night was a real eye-opener. We don't watch much television. My kids are not allowed tv during the week. On the weekends, we watch a few selected tv shows (mostly DVR'd). I have previewed whatever they are allowed to watch.
     In the evenings, once kids are in bed, I may see a few minutes of news. That's about it.
So, sitting there last night, watching the Lakers - which is painful enough! - about 7pm (prime time, right?) I was appalled at the R-rated movies that were advertised, one after another. The gun violence was horrendous.
     Cigarettes were always a common part of tv shows in the 60's and 70's. Everyone smoked in sitcoms and family shows and tobacco companies were allowed to advertise commercials.   At some point, RJ Reynolds, and others, were tasked to minimize advertising as it was harmful to children. Will the same turn of events occur with gun violence? Can you imagine a day without guns allowable on tv? Interesting thought!