Boston on the DL

I don't have a monopoly on gratitude or humility, but my face is in it right now. Travelling across country with my husband, his leg cast, scooter, crutches (yes, you need both) and our two young sons has given me a new taste. 
The wheelchair accesses are in the dirty bowels of buildings, always a mile out of the way of anything. Crowds are hard but most people are wonderful. 
My husband is proud and independent but now I must scout ahead to be sure we can get into bathrooms, restrooms, museums...
I now know what a bridge plate is...the difference between getting on a train, subway, or bus.

My resentment about this foot accident has evaporated. Instead, I now see my husband's sweet spirit. Our sons are experiencing a realistic dose of caring for their father, as millions of other children care for their parents daily, for years on end. The oldest has stepped up to lift and carry...not embarrassed once.
A lady on our flight had no legs. And yesterday we rode the hotel elevator with a cheerful school teacher, who had major burn scars on her face and arms, missing fingers. She had just walked 2 miles to see Fenway stadium. 
I only notice because of our predicament. Life is fragile. People are amazing. I hope to be kind.