My husband has just begun using hear aids...one in each ear. A friend of ours had them as well, with "no luck." Our caring friend curiously asked how we were doing with them..."were they working?
I said, "Yes! About a 20% improvement!" 
To which he replied, "Only 20% huh?"

I wasn't surprised by this...for most of us, 20% improvement in anything is overlooked and minimized; we don't see that as a victory, and we should.
If I bring up my math grade, increase my marathon time, or lift more weight, by 20%...we would clearly see this as huge success. By scientific measure, anything over 5% is considered "significant."

If your child tantrums less in the evening by 20%, or your partner hears you more often, touches you more sweetly, by 20%, recognize the great progress!
For most of us, even 5% movement is energy, effort and a mindful channeling of a desire to change and improve. It's often the breaking of inertia. 
Ten minutes around the block is better than NO minutes.
Recognize your small steps and recognize it in others.