New or Used Dresser?

My son needed a new dresser; I scouted out
three great options at a local consignment shop. I dragged the musty store (with an angry owner “why doesn’t she cut her hair?”). He hated them all.
Later that evening, he sweetly, diplomatically - gingerly - tells me how he really needs something….NEW.

Then I tell him how much soul old things have…imagine an old dresser, with a history! made better, lasts longer. Avoid mass consumerism, slow down the making machine on planet EARTH.
besides, NEW things are made in China, by children, held in horrible cages, as slaves. Where there’s no industrial pollution laws.

And how the chemicals that make something new leak into the water table, and poisoned the Indians… We will always be a USED family.
He agreed with me in the end. We got a beautiful Old New Dresser for $60, delivered.

Too much?