Spilled Hot Coffee at McDonalds...And The Real Story

Documentary about McDonalds and the 

The elderly woman who became a punchline had 16% of her body covered in burns and McDonalds had ignored 700 earlier complaints about excessively hot drinks

  • Stella Liebeck was 79-years-old in 1992 when she was in her grandson's parked car and spilled coffee on her lap
  • She stayed in the hospital for a week while doctors treated her third-degree burns and they feared she would not survive
  • A jury eventually awarded her $2.9million and the case gained national attention- even though the final sum she was paid is still unknown
  • Her lawyers argued that McDonalds had to lower the temperature of their coffee from their standard 180 to 190 degree setting
By Meghan Keneally

Overlooked details in the infamous lawsuit that won an elderly woman was awarded $2.86million after spilling a cup of scalding McDonalds coffee on herself have been revealed in a re-examination of the case.
Stella Liebeck's lawsuit was turned into a punch-line as many news outlets overlooked the critical facts of the case including the nearly 700 other complaints that McDonalds had received about their hot coffee.
A new video produced by Retro Reports shows the graphic photos of the third-degree burns that then-79-year-old Liebeck received on her groin, saying that after viewing the physical damage that she underwent they decided to give her a hefty sum. 

Victim: Stella Liebeck was 79-years-old when she suffered third-degree burns to her groin after spilling a cup of scalding coffee on herself while sitting in a parked car