Effective, Efficient & Meaningful Therapy

  • Counseling should Nourish and Promote the strengths existing in the couple, family or individual. 
  • Goals of therapy are unique to each person or couple. It is not up to your counselor to set goals for you. YOU get to choose what works best, reviewing as if a store inventory is occurring, what has failed in the past (in or out of counseling) and what should be triaged as an immediate goal, or emphasis. 
  • Sometimes the larger issues need to take a back burner while smaller irritants get resolved. And, sometimes, quite the opposite...with a focus on larger "heavy hitting" items being reconciled first - as the smaller stuff unwrinkles over time.
  • Couples that touch each other more frequently are happier and last longer.
  • People that have meaningful friendships are healthier, happier, and live longer. 
  • Those folks with mild anxiety and depression greatly benefit from everyday walking or something basically physical (no marathon necessary!).
  • Sometimes, reducing sugar and caffeine helps with better sleep...people who sleep better feel more rested and gain less weight. See? It's all holistically related.  
  • Decision making (whether it be to take a new job, quit a job, relocate, have another child) is best accomplished when one is firing on all pistons. What would it take to get you to think as clearly and soundly as possible? If you are at 50%, do not make any big decisions; if you are at 80%, chances are that you can creatively problem solve and see all angles of life's complex options and consequences.
  • If you are taking medication for a current condition (high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis) ask yourself what ELSE are you doing to alleviate and manage it. Pharmaceutical treatment is but ONE way to go....and is extremely effective when paired with other tools, i.e., swimming, nutrition, meditation, relaxation exercises. Don't cut yourself short by simply popping a pill.
  • If you have religious or spiritual roots somewhere, revisit those. Call someone that you knew from that time and space, and let them know that you are shoring up, taking stock, and trying to improve your faith/beliefs.