Healthy Kids and Anti-Obesity Strategies

  • Focus less on weight loss and more on balancing nutrition and activity with a wide range of both, then allowing the body to find its natural, healthy place within that.
  • Teach the value of regular nutrition over skipping meals or snacks.
  • Instead of avoiding “bad” foods, or decreasing the range, frequency and amounts of food, focus on increasing the range of foods selected. Allow all foods as fuel for the body. Instead of restricting potato chips, focus on letting them be okay and enjoying them. Combine this with increasing the variety of foods to include a wider selection of color, vegetables, fruits, and other foods with higher nutritional value.
  • Focus on physical movement with a frequency and intensity that prepares them for life activities and accomplishments they desire to move toward, like preparing their body for climbing by increasing their strength and endurance. Encourage and join them in outside play and activities instead of indoor gyms when possible. read more