Solutions for Change

Servant Leadership! Here at Solutions, there are 
"7 Practices of Servant Leadership" we live by:
1. Servant Leaders seek lasting change instead of system relief
2. Servant Leaders create authentic relationships instead of dependent relationships
3. Servant Leaders persevere with a non-anxious presence knowing that direct reaction, deliberate resistance and destructive rumors are evidences of one’s effectiveness
4. Servant Leaders inspire personal responsibility instead of encouraging perceived victims
5. Servant Leaders invest in motivated people instead of adapting to troubled people
6. Servant Leaders see troubles as the heart of preexisting anxiety instead of seeing troubles as the origin of anxiety
7. Servant Leaders live to the applause of one as opposed to the applause of many
Now pick one. For the next 7 weeks, dedicate yourself to being a Servant Leader. Focus on one practice every week. In a couple of months you'll see growth, change, and fulfillment in yourself. Who's up for the challenge!?