How to Recover from Infidelity

Any degree of infidelity is always "something." It is never "nothing" or "not a big deal."
However, this does not mean tha a couple cannot recover...every couple can recover from a cheating incident...whether it is a virtual relationship, long term infidelity or a short-term sexual affair.

The steps to recover include:
Remorse (I am DEEPLY aware of  how my choices have impacted you...here's how I suspect you are affected...give specific examples.)
Responsibility (My cheating has NOTHING to do with you, your choices, our poor relationship, etc).
Repair (I'm willing to make amends and obtain the best relationship we both desire. I want to be a better partner).

Sometimes a couple can write down their feelings and the planned path to forgiveness. 
Workshops are helpful. Good self-help books as are weekend spiritual retreats.
Volunteering and giving of one's self helps a lot!
An experienced therapist can guide and cheerlead any couple to recovery.

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