Verify Your Therapist's License

I recently heard a troubling story from a woman who had been working with a "counselor" for about 3 months. As counseling was not progressing, this woman became curiouser and curiouser about her trusted professional. 
Upon further exploration, the woman discovered that, in fact, her counselor was not Licensed, even though her website indeed said "licensed." The counselor offered lots of testimonials of her successes on the website as well.
Please know that all Licensed Professionals can be verified online now.
If you choose to work with a counselor who is unlicensed, know that you are making a risky choice, as there are no official Boards over seeing your clinician. 
Licensed Therapists (MFT's, MSW's, LPCC's) are held to legal, civil, and ethical standards. Licensed Clinicians receive mandatory and on-going education. 
Licensure is not easily obtained. It is an investment of time and money - the gold standard of mental health, as it should, carrying with it not only expert education and training but also grave and moral responsibility.