How to Balance Life

Freud said work and play made a whole man. Simplistic.
Leaving PTO on the table indicates one is out of balance. Who in their right mind wouldn't take paid time off? Answering emails and text during the night, never getting a complete 24 hours off, feeling indispensable and that no one else will do your job is unbalanced. 

These same principles apply to homemakers, teachers, executives equally...
We can be unbalanced with too much play and not enough work. 
Balance looks like equal parts rest, friends, exercise, work, creativity, service to others. 

Of course, this all ebbs and flows...sometimes we work really hard at deadlines, or have a much needed "taking a break."
To be unbalanced is avoidant...what am I avoiding or neglecting?
Balance is a discipline. Being a balanced person, living a balanced life, doesn't just happen because we want it to or hear people recommend it. 
Praying for it doesn't help...much like praying for muscles or laundry to get done won't work. It's a mindful, intentional practice and the benefits include more focus at work, more patient with children, more affectionate to our children, and more physically fit.
What else is there?