What is Mental Health Counseling, Psychotherapy?

What is Psychotherapy?

The word "psychotherapy" is interchangeable with counseling, therapy, and behavioral mental health.

What is it? It is a personal endeavor of knowing one’s self.

Understanding personal behavior, choices, patterns of maladaptive behaviors that may cause internal pain, suffering, and relational conflict.

Psychotherapy will promote personal growth and allow a person to achieve some of his/her life’s goals while also increase one's coping skills.
Counseling validates a person experience, allowing you to be and feel heard.
Conflict reduction and more engagement with life are some of the benefits of counseling.
 Areas that may improve include work, intimacy with your partner, and parenting. 
Bereavement, grieving the loss of a loved one, recovering from shock or trauma, can be greatly assuaged with a skilled clinician.
Healing from a physical illness or living with a chronic condition are common reasons to seek therapy. It helps.