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What I'm thinking is :_______________
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Depression and Anxiety are usually two sides of one coin. 
In other words, depression on one side, and anxiety on the other.
Is it important to distinguish the difference? 
No...it's not important because they can effectively be treated exactly the same - in fact, when a physician prescribes medication for more persistent cases, the same medication is prescribed for both. 
Depression and Anxiety are challenging, with a range of dysfunction, but they can be cured and "handled."
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one mode of treatment, thought to be the gold standard with strong empirical research suggesting great improvement. Different people benefit from different types of treatment.
I use a variety of styles, ranging from talk therapy to family of origin work, to CBT, and Mindfulness.
The Good News? Both have super great recovery rates!
There is no need to suffer.....