No A/C In Europe...

After a recent 13 day trip to four countries abroad, I can verify that this article holds true. Very little A/C, if any, to be found. Even when the airbnb apartment of the third floor registers at 100 degrees.
And, if you want to enjoy the public or hotel pools, males must wear speedos. They have speedo vending machines nearby. 

Additional  observations from my backpacked Western European vacation 
(France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland)...

  • There's not much ice to be found. I came to enjoy warm cokes.
  • The Murse is really practical! (a man's purse that holds keys, phone, money)
  • The anti-smoking movement has not made a dent there. The smoking was ubiquitous. Smoke with that ham baguette?
  • Germans have BIG personality! They are nothing like the rigid, flat stereotype we often hear about. They are whip-smart, sarcastic, funny and dynamic. 
  • AirBnB has changed how everyone can travel now. With the lower lodging rates offered and accessibility to common residential living (staying in someone's home, with their books, toys, kitchen, etc) it is more authentic experience. Perfect way to assimilate. 
  • Lufthansa is, hands down, the best airline in the world. Felt like a vacation in itself.
  • Three cappuccinos a day feels indulgent. But they compliment French eclairs nicely.
  • Travel is a terrific way to overcome fear: fear of getting lost, or robbed, looking stupid, ISIS, not speaking the language, losing my passport...
  • Apparently badminton is popular enough in Europe to offer championships on TV. Who knew?
  • Meersburg Castle - Lake Konstanz (my best photo!)
  • Contrary to what I had been told, sadly, European gluten is just as bad for me as American gluten. 
  • Our toilet paper is better.