Will the Really Cool Millennial Please Stand Up

Millennials: The Next Generation

Millennials are between the ages of 18 and 33, and they are the leading edge of social phenomenon, as digital natives, “reinventing everything.” They comprise 24% of the US population.

29% are not affiliated with any religion – they are untethered from traditional institutions.

50% describe themselves as political independents. They are charitable (75% of them gave last year) and they are not locked into brand names, which makes for very little company loyalty.

Traditionally authoritative roles hold little deference for a millennial, e.g. physicians, law enforcement, professors: “respect is given when earned.” They prefer cash over formal dinnerware or fancy wedding gifts. They would rather visit the dentist than a brick and mortar bank.

They do not invest in the stock market, but they save.  They are more willing to try new foods than their elders. With higher student loan debt than prior generations and lower levels of wealth than their immediate predecessors, they remain economic optimists. They do not have disposable income but they are quite price-conscious. One third of older millennials have a four-year college degree, making them the best educated cohort of young adults in American History.  While non-digital natives fear the creep of internet privacy and personal information disclosure, millennials actually enjoy being advertised to and find nothing suspicious about being targeted for consumerism.
And, maybe because of the more digital-without-borders perspective, millenials are less nationalistic (unpatriotic?) and show a greater conviction to resist military interventions.
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