Women Who Abuse

The STOP Program: For Women Who Abuse
Long disregarded and downplayed, female domestic violence is rapidly gaining awareness as research proves not only that it exists, but that-according to multiple incidence studies-the frequency of women actually initiating abusive behavior is about equal to men. The STOP Program: For Women Who Abuse, by David B. Wexler, executive director of the Relationship Training Institute, is the most innovative and comprehensive manual to address domestic violence treatment specifically to female offenders, with a program targeted to engage women in their own healing process. 

Officially publishing February 15, this book, and the accompanying homework and handouts, are available now directly from the Relationship Training Institute (RTI). To receive 10% off and free shipping, place your order today. This offer is for U.S. customers only and ends Friday, January 29.

RTI will be hosting a two-day training workshop on "The STOP Program: For Women Who Abuse" in San Diego Oct 28/29 2016. Please go to www.RTIprojects.org for more info.