Things That You Shouldn't Post on Facebook

1) Your diet progress. Whether you are maintaining, losing, gaining, falling off or back on the nutritional wagon. Which is not to be confused with exercise and workout goals. People love that - it's inspiring to hear "I did 50 straight arm push-ups!" 

2)Your sex life: Too much, too little, when, why how, who......blecK! If you feel compelled to do this, you need better friends.

3)Railing against a company.  It may feel harmless to post about a cranky teller at Chase bank, but, honestly, the consequences can be devastating to an owner, a clerk, or a whole community. Once, a dear friend posted about my husband's (very large) company. I'm sure she didn't realize it at the time, and it was not in response to anything my husband had a part of, but it was hurtful nonetheless. Everyone gives and receives poor service from time to time. That's part of being an adult. However, I'm a huge believer in something like this, "Got my car detailed so nicely today at Lucy's Auto detail Shop."

4) A medical question. I've seen this often. Anonymity does not compensate for sounds medical advice. Misinformation is dangerous...people are guessing, and rarely have all the facts, as they wince @ oozing purple sores on your backside. Instead, ask for referrals and recommendations of good practitioners. Those are invaluable. 

Food is good. Gratitude is good. Asking for support is good. Doesn't have to be all kittens and buddhas-there's value in reality. But, it's mostly an uncomfortable silence when one get's too intimate.