Dave Ramsey on Adult Children Living at Home

Adult Children Living at Home

"I have a funny habit: I try to do something, just one thing, especially well, each day. I can't do ten or twenty things "great" each day; maybe good, but not exceptional

We all have busy and full days, but this is my mental anchoring, kind of a mantra. 

So, for example, I made some really nice pasta for my wife last night. The day before that, I finally made a phone call to a friend that I was thinking about. Maybe it's a work-out, or a piece of writing to my kids. 

Here’s the mantra part: when I am winding down, into a meditation, or sleep, or rest, I will revisit that one positive “very good” moment, like a rumination. It feels efficient and positive -which overcomes the negative mental chatter that makes me feel bad about myself." Will Smith