Terrific Book for Parents of Teens

I'm reading a new book, The Collapse of Parenting. The physician/psychologist/author spends quite a bit of time making a compelling argument that the children of today are being raised in a culture of disrespect. 🌱And that they themselves are incredibly disrespectful towards parents and authority figures. The number one, priority fix is teaching children humility, an antidote for entitlement. 🌾Yet, many of us are afraid to have our children dislike us, not share their confidences with us, or even appear unpopular to their peers. 🍃The swing towards "happy childhood" and child-centered marriages have perhaps brought over-empowered, ill-equipped, lethargic little people. 
Who makes decisions about dinner? Vacations? Free time? School? Chores? Do they wash cars, vacuum their room and clean toilets? Or are they picky about food and clothes? Are they chauffeured when they could walk? Do they have unlimited data? 
The sad truth is that all of these "gifts" DO NOT MAKE KIDS HAPPY! 
If you're looking to increase your parenting backbone, with love, support, AND limits, this book will be helpful. 🌿