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"I'm sorry for my kid. I want to apologize in advance for his rude behavior.
I'm sorry that he has chosen to wear his dirty pants again. He has clean clothes and we begged him to change. We throw out the bad stuff but still...

I'm sorry that my kid is so rude to you in line. We've repeated "Please" and "Thank you's" since he was born. We are civilized people and highly regard manners.
I'm sorry that he was defiant and contemptful to his terrific teachers this year. We raised him better than that. 
Let me apologize in advance for how he is ignoring your sweet kids. I see the effort they are making; he is disengaged. I encourage him to socialize and make new friends.
Let me say now, I am so sorry for my child's behavior this season. Your players love you and the parents have been great. We just couldn't implement teachability, even with groundings, consequences, and taking the phone away. 
I am sorry that my child didn't take you up on that great offer. I tried to force it but the motivation just wasn't there.
I apologize that my kid has blown such a great opportunity. It hurts my heart. 
I cannot believe that my child would behave this way. I don't understand it. We are good, hard working "normal" people. My other kids are not this way.
I am heart broken. What can I do? This is painful beyond belief."
says every parent at some point

The hardest job in the world...being a parent.