Vanguard's War Crimes Special on PTSD, Colorado Springs, and Incarcerated Veterans

Nearly a third of the two million soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan now suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Alarmingly, they are bringing the violence back home in increasing numbers, committing crimes that range from rape to assault to murder. In "War Crimes," premiering Wednesday, July 7 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Current TV, Vanguard correspondent Kaj Larsen travels the U.S. to get firsthand accounts from PTSD sufferers now behind bars, and explores ways in which the justice system is dealing with the issue.
In Arizona and Oregon, Larsen goes in depth with two former soldiers, both incarcerated for PTSD-related violent crimes. He also travels to Colorado Springs, Colorado, the center of the PTSD controversy due to the city’s extensive military presence. There, Larsen interviews key army leaders, local attorneys (both prosecution and defense) and a local reporter (named a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his investigative reporting on the issue) to explore the link between PTSD and violent crimes committed by soldiers.
While in Colorado, Larsen also looks at The Veteran’s Court, which takes a different approach, considering a soldier’s medical history and service background, along with the crime in question, to determine sentences that focus more on treatment than on incarceration.

Current TV to Explore PTSD-Violence Linkage Among Combat Vets
526px-afsoc_weathermen.jpgSome stories of servicemen returned home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are inspiring and uplifting to the point where it feels as though they write themselves. Even when having experienced the horror and hazards of war presents lingering physical and emotional challenges to the combat veteran’s return to civilian life, we’re able to celebrate acts of compassion for those less fortunate and displays of remarkable endurance undertaken in an effort to raise the public profile of the challenges the returned veteran faces.
Vanguard, an investigative report airing on Current TV, may be expected with tonight’s episode entitled War Crimes to deliver precious little in the way of a feel-good depiction of the experiences of an increasing number of our combat veterans. Read more

Colorado Springs is PTSD Central

PTSD, historically referred to as Shell Shock or Combat Fatigue, is a common news heading these days. Of those who serve our country, about 10% will show signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Read more here on my website if you'd like education of signs and symptoms, treatment strategies, and contact information. www.christinaneumeyer.com.ptsd