Operation Appreciation Day - Saturday, May 19th, 2012


2012 Schedule of Events

10:00 AM   SPONSOR BOOTHS OPEN      Pier Amphitheater
10:00 AM   MILITARY DISPLAYS OPEN     Beach Area
11:00 AM   CHILDREN'S AREA OPEN       Betty' s Lot
11:30 AM   OPENING CEREMONIES        Pier Amphitheater
                 Oceanside Fire Department Color Guard
                 Honor Guard Presents Colors
                 Bonsall West Elemetery School Choir performs
Noon    MEAL SERVICE BEGINS        Community Center
12:00 PM    Live Entertainment       Pier Amphitheater
3:30 PM     MEAL SERVICE ENDS         Community Center
4:00 PM     SPONSOR BOOTHS CLOSE   Pier Amphitheater
4:00 PM      CHILDREN'S AREA CLOSE Betty's Lot
5:00 PM      LCAC LEAVES TO SEA          Beach Area