Marriage Help for Military // Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Marriage and Family Counseling Collaborative (MFCC)
The CDP has been happy to partner with the Marriage and Family Counseling Collaborative (MFCC) by hosting their information and material while they worked to create their permanent site. We're pleased to announce that the MFCC has transitioned into the Alliance of Military & Veteran Family Behavioral Health Providers and that their new Web site is live and located at http://www.ecu.edu/che/alliance/. We at the CDP look forward to continuing to work with the Alliance in the future!
The Marriage and Family Counseling Collaborative (MFCC) is a partnership group designed to inform, educate, and support providers who work with military Service members and their families.
The following resource guides were developed by the MFCC.  The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of these resource guides.
Domestic Violence Resource Guide
Family Support Resource Guide
Healthcare Provider Resource Guide
Continuing Education Resource Guide
If you are interested in joining the MFCC please "click here" to complete a brief registration form.  There is no cost to join and the MFCC will keep you informed of updates to the content of this Resources webpage and on the latest issues related to caring for military families.
The MFCC is a separate entity from the CDP and questions regarding the MFCC should be directed to CDR Brenda Gearhart at brenda.l.gearhart@amedd.army.mil.