A Systems Approach to Twerking

This well-written essay is a “systems approach” to a recent pop culture event (Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke). The idea of looking at things, events, or people, within their ecosystem is a holistic approach. Since we do not live and learn in a vacuum, it’s only logical that we are "part of." We don’t blame the 11 year-old who can’t read; we intuitively know his structure must be broken. I realize this is a slippery slope because self-responsibility is where it’s at, but he end goal is to be the free thinker, while recognizing why and how we operate, as individuals. Celebrity entertainment today is not too far removed from witch burning, public executions, and black face: he isn’t dancing just because he likes it. It’s natural to be titillated, then horrified that we’re titillated. Culturally, we build them up, and then tear them down. Collectively, we make our world, and the people in it, exactly why many of us so often suffer heavy hearts - we know we can and should do better. If nothing else, we can have compassion for our court jesters.