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Email Sign-off Considerations

The topic of how to sign-off an email is one that has perplexed and concerned many a Netizen. Those who are concerned about being perceived favorably wonder how to sign-off with the appropriate tone, close with the intended meaning getting across as well as how not to look redundant by always including the same closing.
First things first. All sign-offs need to include your name. Whether you include your first name alone or first and last name is dependent on the level of formality in your email. For first time contacts you can include your last name, but in subsequent communications that isn’t necessary. If you have your email program setup properly, your last name is in the From: field.
Not only does how you sign your name set the tone of an email, so does how you choose to sign-off. Some have their own way of signing off that reflects individuality or their personality. For example I am known for signing off my emails with “At your service,” or “Virtually,”. If you see anyone else using these closings, you now know where they got it from!
Then there are the most popular:
Best regards,
Best wishes,
Kindest regards,
Warmest regards,
I remain yours truly,
Thanks again,
My sincere thanks for your time and consideration,
Take care,
Continued success,
(from netmanners)

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