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Every woman’s journey to motherhood is different. But usually, the first decision you’ll make as a mom is how to feed your child. It's Only Natural helps African-American women and their families understand the health benefits of breastfeeding—not just for babies, but for moms too. Here, you’ll find facts about breastfeeding and get practical tips on how to make breastfeeding work for you while getting the support you need. Are you worried that you won't be able to breastfeed? Some moms can't breastfeed, but most can. You may also have lots of other concerns about this new experience. Explore our articles and watch videos featuring expert advice and personal stories from moms just like you.

Planning ahead

Pregnancy is the best time to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding so you can plan to give your baby a healthy start in life. Read More Here

Addressing breastfeeding myths