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Book Recommendation - Optimal Male Sexual Health

The New Naked

A must-have book on male sexual health by Dr. Harry Fisch (regular contributor on Howard Stern and Doctor Radio) 💛 Some random highlights for optimal sexiness include: higher fatty diet leads to lower testosterone and increased progesterone. Avoid pasta, pizza, bread, cake and cookies. Zika virus lives in semen for 6 months. Only one out of four men wear condoms. 💜 Yes, they delay orgasm. Men over 45 are especially resistant, and after one month into a relationship most altogether stop using a condom. "No glove, no love" to prevent STI's. 💙 The female condom, now covered by insurance, is a great alternative for many reasons. Benzocaine is an easy topical way to sustain an erection. Learn how. 💚 Too much porn disables the natural ability to orgasm in addition to impairing relational skills over time. Blood pressure meds Do Not Solve high blood pressure - exercise, sleep and diet solve high blood pressure.